Douglas Gregg, January 6, 1927 to July 21, 2015

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Douglas Gregg


Jazz Guitarist. Attorney. Fisherman. Musician.
Easy Street 2001 - present.


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Juneau, Alaska
Seattle, Washington - Marshalltown, Iowa

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Douglas Gregg passed away on July 21, 2015. Family may be contacted via the below addresses, but businesses are not to use this information in predictive dialers, for robocalls, or for soliciting:

  • Address: P.O. Box: 2 1 6 9 3; Juneau, Alaska 9 9 8 0 2;
  • Message telephone: +1 .907 .586 .1723;
  • E-mail: Doug "at" Gregg .Juneau .AK .US;


The first person in Alaska told the statehood act was signed.
I am a retired attorney , fisherman, and musician. I lived in Seattle with my parents Jim and Inez Gregg until 1939, when we moved to Juneau. I left high school, enrolled in the merchant marine and shipped out in 1945 on the 24-year old 457 foot Union Oil tanker La Placentia to the Philippines. I served on various ships until 1946. I returned, graduated, and married my childhood sweetheart Lily Maurstad in Seattle in 1947. I made a living as a jazz guitarist until returning to Juneau in 1949, where I was a commercial fisherman and later became an attorney. Lily and I had three children: 1. Author Susi Gregg Fowler <>, who lives next door with her husband, artist Jim Fowler <> 2. Attorney Janice Gregg Levy, who lives less than a mile away with her husband Judge Keith Levy; and 3. Son Walter Gregg <>, who lives two blocks from here. Lily and I were married for 45 years before Lily's death at the age of 63 in 1992.

When I was 67, I met and married Anna Chase of Gustavus. She moved to the Juneau Pioneers' Home in 2011. You can contact Anne care of her daughter Sylvia Pedersen of Gustavus via anne "at"

Bragging Rights
I have six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.


Juneau High School
LaSalle Extension University
Bachelor of Laws, 1959.

Basic Information

February 29, 1928 is the closest leap day to my birthday.
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